Friday, May 13, 2016

16th President in the Philippines

I am way proud being a Davawenya.... I was born, raised and educated to my beloved Davao City where Rodrigo Duterte rules the city for more than 22 years. Imagine, half of my life he ruled our city that no one can beat him eversince. We just share our good mayor to the entire country for the betterment of our nation. I am positively thinking that he makes a big changes  that make our nation great again. I cant wait that he starting his post on July 1st.. Congrats to the people of Davao City and our beloved Mayor DU30. God Bless You on your journey.

Malling this Weekend!

I am planning to stroll in the nearby mall this weekend. Its gonna be fine if I am going solo strolling the store because one of my friends have work that time so I just roaming around and I am planning to go to the musician store and just my curiosity strikes me just want to know different kinds of music instruments even thiskorg wavedrum I just want to know what is all about lolz. Well, I am planning to visit my favorite shop Gap store and might be looking for a great deal of Summer clothes. Well see, I hope I am not broke when I am leaving the mall and just buy stuffs that I dont need it , that's me a panic buying woman lolz!

Graduation Gift

The best guitar amps that I found online is the one that my Nephew really want to own.Too bad,that I cant give it to him right now because Im thousand miles away from home. Well, he better be patience till I am coming home middle of next year for vacation. He deserves this since he already graduated from Nursing degree last March so right now his going to start for Board Exam review and hopefully before end of this year his already a Registered Nurse, I am so proud Aunt that time. The hard work was paid off hopefully.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Summer Music Class for Matt

My Nieces and Nephews are in summer vacation right now from school , but my 15 yr old Nephew Matt has a music summer class that he was interested lately. He was musically inclined teen just like his older Brother Migs thats why I enrolled him into summer music class. Good thing that the instrument that he wants me to buy for him has a good payment planso its not really a burden for me financially. Well , as long that he loves what his doing and his been very good into music so I have to support him who knows he might be a good musician when he grows up... so much better that he trained at early teen and be expert at his chosen field.

i'm Back!

After ages Im bwck finally with this blog ...Ive been busy lately with my life but I do really missed doing this thing so Ive decided to update from now on this blog. So welcome back Marie hope you will stay forever lol!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Month of October Here I Come!

I cant believe its end of September and I cant wait to go home for a couple of months Christmas vacation. I know I am way too excited but who does not, Ive been waiting it for so long and its gonna be exactly 2 more months and I am going to see my family, hometown and friends to celebrate the Christmas season. Do I deserve this? yes I do after working hard for year and half its about time to relax and enjoy and makes a memories for a lifetime. Ive started already to purchased a stuffs for my family although Im still not half done but when November comes I have to get it done real quick so that Im not stress no more before my flight on the 1st of December. Gosh the 12 string guitar string gauges is what my nephew really reminded me often but Im still not buy it at the store hopefully this coming weekend after buying few stuffs I have to check and buy it already before I forget it again or else my Nephew really upset then, I know because that is his dream to own a strings came from here that he never find in my homeland so I dont blame him. Anyway, I started already ordered some good stuffs in good deals online and I am thinking about the Black Friday after Thanksgiving Day on November its gonna be a blast a lot of good deals at the mall. Well see I hope Im still have an energy that time after the celebration.