Friday, March 21, 2014

Araw ng Davao

Its gonna be a long weekend because the Araw ng Davao celebration fall on Sunday so the government will going to issue a Non working Holiday for Davao City. Its gonna be a long weekend celebration for Davaeonos. A tons of durian everywhere right now, the city stinks lol. The place have an abundant of fruits and its in reasonable prices so that when we are going to take a vacation next month I will going to bring tons of fruits for Ate Herchie. I am surely she loves it especially Durian!

Ready to Face the Challenge

I am excited to going back in America after more than a year living in my hometown. Well I am proud of myself Ive accomplished a lot during my stay, its about time for me to go back and start looking for a job then a house to stay might be so I need a real estate apps for my phone so that its easier for me to look for a perfect place to stay and call it my own. I know its hard to start again but I have a strong hope that its gonna be fine soon. I trust the Lord with all my heart!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

He Loves Music

Gosh my teenage Nephew really blown up his mind when we went to the music store because he found a tons of musical instruments and stuffs that he really loves to own lol. He was thrilled about the great akai mpk 88 and still begging me to buy him one. But nah, I am just telling him might be on his birthday on September then but not right now because his tuition fees at school is way too important than anything else. Good thing that he understand, and hopefully I have extra money to buy him whatever he wants on his special day.

Month of March

Gosh I cant believe few more days its gonna be month of March already. I am ready to go back in States soon so hopefully if my friend will going to fix her schedule to fetch me at the airport then I am ready to go and start working like a dog lol. Frankly speaking I am way too excited to work again after 10 years of being stagnant in our home lol...well Im still working at home but not really much stress than a regular workers. So good luck to me and hopefully I can learn more with my new environment.

Birthday Present

This fl studio signature bundle is a perfect choice of my Nephew to give to his buddy for a birthday gift. His friend will going to celebrate his 18th birthday this weekend and both of them really enjoyed music so you bet his friend will really love to own this one. He already bought the present and cant wait for this weekend for a birthday bash. Well, boys really love music so just support them lol.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Prom Month

Next month my Nephew will going to join the prom at school. It his first time to join the said event so he was bugging me to buy him a whole set of wardrobe lol.. well its been practical to rent the whole set with a tuxedo vest because its only once that he wear it so much better to rent than to buy the whole thing. Good thing that he agree with my idea and he couldn't wait for the time to wear it for the said occasion. Gosh , his really getting bigger now.