Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Summer Music Class for Matt

My Nieces and Nephews are in summer vacation right now from school , but my 15 yr old Nephew Matt has a music summer class that he was interested lately. He was musically inclined teen just like his older Brother Migs thats why I enrolled him into summer music class. Good thing that the instrument that he wants me to buy for him has a good payment planso its not really a burden for me financially. Well , as long that he loves what his doing and his been very good into music so I have to support him who knows he might be a good musician when he grows up... so much better that he trained at early teen and be expert at his chosen field.

i'm Back!

After ages Im bwck finally with this blog ...Ive been busy lately with my life but I do really missed doing this thing so Ive decided to update from now on this blog. So welcome back Marie hope you will stay forever lol!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Month of October Here I Come!

I cant believe its end of September and I cant wait to go home for a couple of months Christmas vacation. I know I am way too excited but who does not, Ive been waiting it for so long and its gonna be exactly 2 more months and I am going to see my family, hometown and friends to celebrate the Christmas season. Do I deserve this? yes I do after working hard for year and half its about time to relax and enjoy and makes a memories for a lifetime. Ive started already to purchased a stuffs for my family although Im still not half done but when November comes I have to get it done real quick so that Im not stress no more before my flight on the 1st of December. Gosh the 12 string guitar string gauges is what my nephew really reminded me often but Im still not buy it at the store hopefully this coming weekend after buying few stuffs I have to check and buy it already before I forget it again or else my Nephew really upset then, I know because that is his dream to own a strings came from here that he never find in my homeland so I dont blame him. Anyway, I started already ordered some good stuffs in good deals online and I am thinking about the Black Friday after Thanksgiving Day on November its gonna be a blast a lot of good deals at the mall. Well see I hope Im still have an energy that time after the celebration.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Christmas parties this year

I am way too excited because its middle of August and few more days its officially Christmas season well in the Philippines of course because its ber month already. Yes, 3 more months and I am going home for couple of months vacation this is really a well deserved vacation for me I claimed it lol. I am planning by October then, I have to start jot down what I am going to carry with me for my family and friends presents. They expected it big time lolz but it dont mind me at all and I am willing to bring some goodies and stuffs for my house especially the one that I am planning to buy online from Home and Patio D├ęcor Center has Merritt melamine because of awesome products that they sell. It would be nice if I have a set of outdoors glassware set which is perfect for the patio while entertaining my friends who come by. So excited to look for a different glassware set thats perfect for Christmas season. I know, parties all the time at home since I am around... well Im still browsing online and might be purchasing it right now because of the great deal that they offer. Well see , wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The countdown begins...

Yes, I am way too excited few more months to go and I am going back home for a 2 months vacation. Yes, I am celebrating Christmas season in our place so I am way too excited. I know Its too early to blah here but as early this time I am ready to shop for the family goodies to bring back home especially my dear Nephew request a cripple creek banjo that he wants me to buy for him. Well, his going to gradute in College so I have to buy it for him soon, Good thing that the store that I am surfing online have a great deal so I have to take advantage with it and buy it right away even I am four months to go before headed home.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ill be Home for Christmas!

You can count on me.... yes I am way too excited to go home for Christmas vacation for a couple of months yezzzz its a long vacation because I do deserve it after working hard lolz. Good thing that i booked my international and local tickets already so I am way too ready to travel on December1st back home to avoid freezing weather here lol. Anyway, celebrating Christmas back home is nothing compare than anything else.. so its worth it by waiting till December to come home and be with my family and friends.