Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The right choice of surprise gift

Its been a week that I came back in States, well im still in adjustment period but deep inside I have a strong determination to makes everything alright. Good thing that I have a very good friend who willing to help me and we just stroll and found musiciansfriend.com in the net that I recommend her to look for a good deal for her husband gift this weekend for thier anniversary.

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Papa's Birthday

Today is my father's birthday , hes turning 74th when he still alive today. We are going to cemetery later then have a small gathering tonight. So to my Father Happy birthday I know you are in good hands with the Lord this time. Happy birthday Pa!

Despideda Party

One week from now I am flying back in United States after almost 2 years that Ive stayed in my country so I am going to throw a despideda party this weekend. Its already in planned from the catering of foods to the party stuffs from tables to these table runners that is pretty amazing that I saw from the party organizer. I am pretty excited then, and hopefully I am in good track when I am coming back in States and I will watch me people lol!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer Vacation

Finally after 3 days of long drive travel we are here in North Carolina whom my husband was born and raised for years. His Father's house was gorgeous and have a wide land with a lot of crops in few more weeks need to harvest. We are going to visit his Father because he was sick for a while and we need to look for a good health insurance for him so that I am looking online for nc health insurance quotes and hopefully we are going to find one for him. Oh we are going to enjoy our vacation here and visit my husband relatives nearby. I am really excited to meet them all and we are planning to have a get together party soon before we are going back in our place.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Araw ng Davao

Its gonna be a long weekend because the Araw ng Davao celebration fall on Sunday so the government will going to issue a Non working Holiday for Davao City. Its gonna be a long weekend celebration for Davaeonos. A tons of durian everywhere right now, the city stinks lol. The place have an abundant of fruits and its in reasonable prices so that when we are going to take a vacation next month I will going to bring tons of fruits for Ate Herchie. I am surely she loves it especially Durian!

Ready to Face the Challenge

I am excited to going back in America after more than a year living in my hometown. Well I am proud of myself Ive accomplished a lot during my stay, its about time for me to go back and start looking for a job then a house to stay might be so I need a real estate apps for my phone so that its easier for me to look for a perfect place to stay and call it my own. I know its hard to start again but I have a strong hope that its gonna be fine soon. I trust the Lord with all my heart!